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e-MR is a program which helps to build relationship between cyber MR with members by providing detailing service online.
Messages are programmed to be sent on set intervals and are made of various contents such as KOL lectures, animation, drama, quiz, CI promotion, pharmaceutical companies, public interest ads and etc.

The advantage of introduction of e-MR

e-MR enables double coverage with MR for the clients who can actually visit.
e-MR enables detailing for the clients who cannot visit.
e-MR enables utilization after a new product launch.

Expected results

Increase in the number of detailing–Attracting new clients–Raise in brand awareness.
Efficient execution and cost-reduction followed by recruitment of employees.


Event delivers various online contents of specific brands, pharmaceutical companies and product information
to our members through e-brochure, video clips, quiz, puzzles, photo exhibition and etc.

The advantage of event service

Event service can imprint key messages through listing the product information in various formats.
Event service offers information such as on product’s key message, medical fee, and standard insurance wage with speed.